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Welcome to my web page that looks back on my hovercraft racing career (to date) that took me from a 12 year old "junior" racing a machine salvaged from a scrap yard to being Junior World Champion 1997 - 2000 and on to Formula One UK Champion 2002 in a machine that accelerated from 0 to 60 mph in under 5 seconds.

Also on this page is my 13 seconds of glory doing the stunt driving in the film Agent Cody Banks - Destination London


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For the moment my racing is on hold, no doubt at some point in the future I will return to the sport. In the meantime here are some of my favourite photo's taken from the various race reports over the seasons.... If you want to read the stories behind the pictures, click on the archive race reports link above.

Use the Photo's and Video's button to jump to the video web site for clips of racing incidents.

This 2.2mb file is a clip of the hovercraft scenes in the film Agent Cody Banks - destination London.

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Originally planned was a drive across water. The lake and surrounding area was quite small and transition to land was between some trees and into a clearing. The only way to stop was to slot the hovercraft between some trees (with not much clearance) and then use my body weight to spin the craft 180 degrees to go backwards into the clearing on full thrust to bleed off momentum. I had to get the timing just right, otherwise the back of the craft would clout the trees as the craft rotated. It seems the director  preferred my antics in the trees to the original plan!

The Hovercraft was a K & M Products Eagle Sport Rotax 447 with gearbox.  In the dubbed sound track it sounds more like an Formula 25 hovercraft crossed with a V8!

 click on the image to get the full clip 

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